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"Everything is going great! We love our software and it has really helped our church out tremendously! The program is easy to use and has great features for our growing church. Thank you for all that you do! Keep up the good work!"

Jennie Stone
Aldrich Assembly of God

"Thanks for all you do to help me with this software which I LOVE! You and your team have been a blessing to me."

Wanda Rogers
Christ's Church

"Just wanted to let you know that I sent a check in for our support. Please let me know when you get it. I want to make sure we keep our support with you!! It's priceless!!"

Barb Bloomfield
Blackwell First United Methodist Church

"This program is working great for our small church. As a person who does non-profit accounting for a living, this has been a blessing to bring the church information up to a standard well beyond pencil and paper."

Lori Wilson
Barlow United Methodist Church


"I must tell you how much we, at Lighthouse Assembly, love CahabaWorks Software!! We have been using it for our church for about a year and the stress and unpleasantness that we experienced with "Quickbooks" is gone!! Praise the Lord!! Thank you so much for your wonderful product!!"

Wanda Wiseman
Lighthouse Assembly of God


"CrossWay Ministries opened as a startup Missions church under the Church of God organization in February 2008 with approximately 50 members. Shortly after we began having services, I was asked to be Clerk for the church. I had never done this before but was willing to try. The pastor handed over to me a physical ledger book where all the contributions and offerings were being hand recorded. I thought it would be much easier if I setup all this information up in an excel spreadsheet. This worked great until we started growing and adding more ministries, then it became very cumbersome and time consuming. The board agreed for me to purchase a church software program that would simplify my job. I began searching on the internet for church software that would fit our needs. After looking at many, I chose CahabaWorks. Their demo online was so easy to understand and very user friendly. There were so many report options that were perfect for our board meeting reports. I was spending hours preparing the monthly board reports with Excel, but with CahabaWorks, I click one button, choose the dates and there it is! There was a learning curve at the beginning, but I can't say enough as to how helpful and kind Support was each and every time I called them. The program was easy to install and I've already downloaded an upgrade and it all went smoothly. I would recommend this program to any church that is looking for software to organize and track their finances. There are so many options that are available in CahabaWorks that I've not even touched the surface. It's great to know that as our church grows and we add more ministries, groups and activities that this program will easily keep up. Thanks again for support for all your help."

Pamela Bond
CrossWay Ministries


"CahabaWorks offers an integrated software solution that is an ideal fit for small to medium sized churches, yet offers the flexibility needed for larger congregations. As a consultant to many churches, I have observed great frustration on the part of church treasurers and bookkeepers using cookie-cutter software packages that cannot easily and clearly meet the accounting and financial reporting needs of their local congregations. Created with practical function and ease of use in mind, CahabaWorks is a breath of fresh air in the crowded market of church accounting solutions. The technical team supporting this package is gracious, knowledgeable, and eager to serve the needs of CahabaWorks customers, making this product stand out in every way."

Clark White
CPA and Church Administrator / Consultant
Kingwood Church


"We are very pleased with CahabaWorks. It really has made our recordkeeping much easier and is saving us hours each week! We are very happy with the results and your responsiveness to our needs."

Danny Smith
New Life Church


"Thanks once again for your tremendous support and help. We love the CahabaWorks software. I used one of the top line church management software packages at our previous church and find CahabaWorks much more to our liking. I will certainly recommend it to others - particularly because of the awesome support you continue to provide. I fully expect growth in our ministry and look forward to growing the financial side with CahabaWorks."

Pastor Thomas Dixon
Covenant Word Ministry International


"I just want to say Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Your software is exactly what our little church needed! We have been looking for a software that was simple, easy to use, and also was a real fund accounting package. All of the software we looked at was either too expensive and too complicated or if it was inexpensive it was terribly written and not functional. You have created a balance of simplicity and power that allows us to maintain our finances in a way that is black and white and easy to understand. And you have priced it so that we can start out with it and try it and eventually grow to purchase it. And your support has been incredibly prompt and extremely helpful. I have used a lot of different accounting software in business over the years and your software is one of the most well written and understandable pieces of software I have ever used."

Denis Moreau Trustee
Minot United Methodist Church


"This software seems very easy to use, I have searched and researched many church software products and found them very difficult to use, hard to install, and offer no support. I am very happy to have found CahabaWorks, it is the best church software I have ever used. Thank you CahabaWorks!"

Terrence Seymour
Grace & Truth Church


"CahabaWorks has been the answer I needed. I have a small church of only about 10 people, and my church and I needed a program to use to build on helping our church keep up with the demands of technology, organizing information, and give easy access to that information, so we could focus on growth and ministry, instead of development. CahabaWorks has given us that privilege. They offer this software free to small churches and you can up grade at a good price as you grow! Thank you CahabaCreek, you gave us a true blessing."

Pastor Ron Louth
The Lighthouse of Truth Church of God


"Thank you all so much for all your help. I have been going through the program and so far I think it is excellent. I just want to say I have never dealt with any company that has been as helpful and nice as CahabaCreek. You all went out of your way to help me with the download and were so kind in the process, especially knowing that for the time being we will be using the free version. Most companies would have just wrote us off knowing we are so small."

Doris Morrow
SonShine Worship Center


"I am so pleased with CahabaWorks Software. It is extremely user friendly and I felt comfortable entering the member information and contributions. The help manual is very thorough in giving you step-by-step instructions and the pictures are a added plus. This software does exactly what I need it to do for our church to have our records and financials computerized. What a blessing. I look forward to a continued professional relationship with CahabaCreek and its support."

Darlene Wilson
Reconciliation Bible Fellowship

"Thank you so much for this great product, but more importantly the wonderful customer service we have received during this process. It will be nice to bring the church out of the dark ages and into the 21st century, thanks to CahabaWorks."

James Poe
Abbott Baptist Church

"CahabaWorks is really a good product to use. I especially love the tech support! It doesn't matter what kind of problem you are having (BIG or small) they will help you figure it out! The software is also easy to understand and to set up.You don't have to be computer whiz to figure out how to set it up, and that was a really nice thing about this software as well. I love the way CahabaCreek keeps you informed of newer versions of the software and when it will be available."

Tamiko Glenn
Alabama Avenue Baptist Church


"Exousia Power & Praise International is a new church that has been up and running for one year. During this time we have tried to find a Finance Management Program that would work for our small church. We tried several programs but they were hard to understand. When I had questions about CahabaWorks, technical support walked me through it step-by-step. If your church is looking for an easy Church Management program to handle your Membership, Contribution and Financials CahabaWorks is the one..."

Pastor Clifford Robertson
Exousia Power & Praise Int'l Church.


"Shekinah Ministry, Inc. has loved using CahabaWorks. It is easy to use and you get help with anything that you are having trouble with. CahabaCreek has quickly answered all my questions about the software. You have been a great Blessing! I am sure anyone would benefit from your software for their churches."

Judy Smit
Shekinah Ministry, Inc.


"I am really pleased with the CahabaWorks program. I used Quick Books for two years and was frustrated with it because it was not dedicated to doing church books. I fully believe that GOD led me to your site and to the program. And then to get free of charge for our small church of about 25 was a real blessing. I really like the program and have had wonderful luck with it and I appreciate the ease of working with the program. The technical staff at CahabaCreek is one of the most courteous and pleasant to work with that I have ever dealt with. My problem is addressed in a very timely manner and always... help is there to solve the problem. This staff is the only one to ever email me after a problem just to check in and see if everything is ok. Unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!! I thank all at CahabaCreek for the program, help and courtesy shown. Thank you."

Frances Reust Treasurer
Cedaredge Church of the Nazarene


"Because CahabaWorks is a true double entry program some of the errors I made in the learning process were not correctable. When I asked for help it was immediate and solved my problem. I started using CahabaWorks in January and in the three months since, I have received several e-mails asking how the program is working for me. I didn't even buy the program. In January we didn't have a pastor; there were only five of us counting the children. The first of March we got a pastor and are looking forward to growth. I believe CahabaWorks will grow with us. I get the reports I need without a problem. There is a learning curve, of course, but it is small. I haven't come near to exploring all the program's capabilities. Are there things I'd like to see changed? Is any software perfect? I expect, with the care I've received to date, there will be upgrades and opportunities to offer suggestions for improvements. Thanks for your care."

Evelyn Muegge
New Life Church of God


"We are very pleased with our software from CahabaCreek It is very easy to keep accutrate records for our church. I would recommend it for any size church. Thanks CahabaCreek Ministeries."

Dr. Anne Rainey
Eastview Baptist Church


"CahabaWorks has really prepared us for another level in our accounting books for the ministry."

Stephen Fabyan, Sr. Pastor
House of Prayer for All Nations and the Promise Land


"Not being computer savvy, I put off the CahabaWorks evaluation because I was afraid. Now, I am really enjoying learning it because it is so easy! I am very pleased. This is going to be marvelous."

Sheila Flynn
South Chapel Hill Baptist Church


"CahabaWorks is very good, and the support is outstanding. Even when you have asked so many questions and you are uneasy about asking more, CahabaCreek staff checks in periodically with you to see if the product is working for you and if they can help. I am especially impressed with the fact that you can keep up with dedicated funds and that it produces a check register. CahabaCreek is allowing our small church to use the free version until we can afford to purchase another version. I look forward to being able to purchase it!"

Clementine Thompson-McCormick
Mount Olive United Methodist Church of Lumberton, North Carolina


"Not only did I recommend your software to the pastors in my association, but I also recommended your software to the Directors of Missions in Elmore and Judson Associations. I think it is a great program for our churches."

Dan Wiggins
Pleasant Grove Baptist Association


"Michelle, you and your folks define customer support. Very impressive indeed. This is what software should do: go in with minimal fuss, then settle down and quietly get its work done."

Paul Wiebelhaus
New Hope Deaf Church


"CahabaWorks software is a very nice, well-rounded and inclusive program. I'm very impressed with your follow-up and your company's generosity in letting small churches use it free of charge."

Mark Thompson
Lexington, KY


"CahabaWorks is the most extravagant program for any church. It's very accurate and easy to use from start to finish, and support is second to none. Thanks CahabaWorks."

Vernell Fleming
Mount Moriah Outreach Assembly


"We are just now really getting to use our new program but I love it! It has been easy to put in our members and I think we will really love using it. Hopefully we will grow big enough to purchase the upgrade!"

Kathy Thomas
Trinity Christian Fellowship


"The software seems great! We are in the process of starting a new church, Reformed Baptist Church of Manchester, and this will be extremely helpful. Thanks" Aaron Mobley Reformed Baptist Church of Manchester

"With all the options that are out there, I still enjoy your product and plan on keeping it going! "

Jeff Sherman
Friends of Jesus International

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