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The CahabaWorks release available for download is : Version 13.1.0

PAYROLL Customers: The 2020 941 is in version 13.1.0.

You may determine your current version level by launching CahabaWorks and looking at your Title bar.

Supported customers will be able to download the install program for updates by clicking the "Download Updates"link in the menu on this page (or from the Help.... Download Available menu option.).


Tiny Fonts on Windows Surface or 4K monitors:
Click here: How to resolve Tiny Fonts issue.

.NET Framework Install Errors.
It appears that in the last Windows 10 update, Microsoft “turned off” one of the older versions of one of their components - .NET 3.5 and earlier - in the default configuration. Click here if you are getting this error to learn how to turn it back on. How to resolve .NET Framework missing error on Install.

THE HELP... Email Support option may not be working for you if your firewall is blocking outgoing traffic from CahabaWorks.

Norton 360 SONAR has been deleting the program that we use to send support email from within CahabaWorks for some customers. In addition, some Windows 10 Firewall settings are blocking outgoing email sent from within CahabaWorks. If you have sent us support mail and we have not responded, your security software may be doing this. Please contact us by emailing directly to <> if you do not get a timely response from us on a Help... Email Support.

All CahabaWorks customers may use our Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ), view videos in our Video Library, or reference the CahabaWorks User Guide from the Help... User Guide menu option within CahabaWorks (a pdf copy is included in your installation directory).

Customers with active support contracts may submit support requests anytime by email. If you are internet connected, be sure your church Id is in the Tools... Options... Church Details section and use the Help... Email Support menu option. This is the preferrred method as it will include information necessary to investigate technical issues. Be sure to detail your issue in the space provided. If you are not internet connected on your CahabaWorks machine, you can send email to: <> and include a detailed description of your issue. We will then tell you what additional information we require. Be sure to identify your church; including your churchID will allow us to quickly access your records.

Customers with active support contracts may update their software to the latest version at any time by using the Update CahabaWorks page. You will need to know your CahabaWorks church ID that was assigned when you purchased. This should have been saved in the Church Details section of CahabaWorks (accessible from the Tools...Options menu). If you do not know your church ID, you may request it via email:

Church IDs will only be e-mailed to the person listed as the primary contact for your church.

Standard support is included in the purchase price for the first year. Support services include:
- 30-days of setup assistance via email and/or phone
- Submission and tracking of issues and enhancement requests
All Major, Minor and Patch releases of the software.

You may renew your support online using the menu at the left of this window.


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