CahabaCreek Software



CahabaCreek is a provider of Church Management Software Technology.


We focus on providing professional products for church management. We are passionate about understanding these management needs so that we can focus on features that bring the most value to the users. We actively solicit input and feedback on our products so that they can continuously improve. By reducing the time necessary to manage, we enable our customers to focus on providing value to their community.


CahabaCreek's parent company was founded in 1997 to provide professional services and custom integrated software solutions. In 2000 the company added depth to their portfolio by offering a premier suite of integration and security software products. In 2006, the company expanded again adding CahabaCreek as a division with a focus on church management software. With corporate headquarters in Shelby County Alabama, the company's client list spans the globe, solidifying a true commitment to service from a dedicated team of professionals.

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