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For more information on e-Giving from Vanco Payment Solutions, we encourage you to check out their Blog and online giving demos. If you have any questions, please donít hesitate to contact Vanco at 800-675-7430 or visit

Integrated Online Giving

CahabaCreek has partnered with Vanco Payment Solutions as our preferred provider to ensure an integrated e-Giving solution. Vanco Payment Solutions helps more than 15,000 churches nationwide maximize stewardship potential with specialized e-Giving solutions. A pioneer in electronic giving, Vanco offers faith-based communities valuable support and resources to take giving to the next level. Thatís why we have integrated CahabaWorks with Vanco to make accepting donations simple, secure and easy for you and your members. If you are currently using another e-Giving vendor, you may continue to use our import feature to capture your online contributions, but we recommend you consider VANCO for a seamless integration.

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