CahabaCreek Software


  • Manages Employee Payroll Settings
  • Calculates Withholding (Federal & State)
  • Support for Deductions, Additions, Company Contributions...
  • Support for Minister IRS Dual Status Rules
  • Prints Payroll Details on Voucher Checks
  • Track and Pay Payroll Liabilties
  • Creates all IRS tax reports (941, W-2...)
  • Electronic Filing option (941, W-2, 1099)
  • Payroll Reports


The Payroll module is where you manage church employee (W-2) compensation
and the liabilities and expenses related to payroll.

CahabaWorks provides full support for managing your church payroll, including tracking and
paying payroll liabiliites and the generation of your IRS 941, and W-2 forms.
Electronic filing is an option via our partnership with Nelco Solutions.

Visit CahabaWorks E-filing portal for more information on e-filing.
A 10% discount is available for CahabaWorks Users that e-file in January! Use code AZ8 in the Nelco portal.
For more info click here: CahabaWorks E-filing Discount

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